By John Sepielli

I’m always looking for interesting and useful products to keep stocked in the store. Recently, I came across a product called Rapid Rope that I immediately felt drawn to stocking in the store and online.

Rapid rope is an 1100 lb tested braided rope that comes in a hard plastic shatter proof container. The container is about the size of a standard cup and it insures that your rapid rope will never be tangled when it comes time to use it. The size of the container is perfect for any cup holder in a vehicle and tucks away nicely in any hiking or “go” bag.

Attached to the lid of the container is a very handy built in blade/cutter. The cutter makes it super simple to cut the exact length you’ll need in whichever situation you’re in. The cutter is encapsulated in plastic, so you won’t have to worry about cutting anything that it’s stored with.

Not only is the product a really great idea, but the actual company seems to be awesome as well. Pulling up their direct site at RapidRope.com, you’ll find a family oriented company with a huge passion for the outdoors.

I recently posted a video to our Facebook page and Facebook Group giving my first impressions of the product.

If you’re interested in purchasing a canister or two of Rapid Rope, here is all the available colors we currently have in stock

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