by Andrea Sepielli

Are you looking for a new AR-9 Rifle?

If you are, then you should definitely consider the CA9MM direct blow back system by Christen Arms. New from their line that they refer to as the Modern Sporting Rifle line, the CA9MM offers several unique options making this rifle one of the lightest and most rugged rifles on the market.

From the start, one feature you’ll notice right away is their carbon fiber wrapped barrels. By going with carbon fiber, not only does it give it a great aesthetic but it also allows Christensen Arms to reduce a significant amount of weight. Threaded with a 1/2×28 thread pitch, this barrel is paired nicely with a three prong flash hider.

Still keeping durability and weight in mind, the lower, upper and handguard are all made from forged 7075 aluminum. Attached you’ll find a Mission First Tactical (MFT) pistol grip and minimalist stock.

Now for the most important part that everyone is wondering: Yes, it takes Glock magazines.Having the Glock magwell is going to make it super simple for you to use all those extra Glock magazines you have piling up.

Wrapping up we have found ourselves being very impressed by the CA9MM. Overall it is a great feeling rifle and balances really well up against the shoulder. We do stock the CA9MM as they become available. Here are few that we currently stock: