Zastava ZPAPM70 ZR7762XR 7.62x39
Zastava ZPAPM70 ZR7762XR 7.62×39

What is the Zastava ZR7762XR?

The ZR7762XR is the latest variant and furniture upgrade to the standard and very popular M70 rifle from Zastava USA. From when I first got to see the rifle in person, I noticed that this rifle has been built around the expectations of the modern American shooter. After watching an interview with Ranko of Zastava Arms by James Reeves of TFB (Youtube video here), Ranko explains that Zastava’s idea of this rifle is to appeal to the new shooting market, confirming my initial reaction to the rifle.

The ZR7762XR sports a custom full length MLOK handguard, a folding Magpul stock, Magpul grip, and a custom scope mount that lines up perfectly with the handguard. Zastava put a lot of though into this rifle and the craftmanship really shows.

Overview of the ZR7762XR

Zastava ZPAP M70 ZR7762XR 7.62×39 Tactical – Overview

In this video I go over the rifle giving you a complete view of the rifle and the furniture upgrades that it includes.

Zastava Arms ZR776XR Specs

  • Manufacture: Zastava Arms
  • UPC: 685757098380
  • Model: ZPAPM70 ZR7762XR
  • Weight: 9lb 5oz
  • 7.62×39
  • 16.5″ Chrome lined barrel
  • Threadded 14 x 1 left hand
  • 1.5MM receiver
  • Buldged trunnion
  • Extended Tactical handguard
  • Magpul grip
  • Magpul Folding & Collapsing stock
  • Ported Muzzle device
  • Scope mount included
  • 30rd capacity

How much does the ZR7762XR weigh?

Adding additional material to the handguard does come at the expense of adding additional weight the rifle. The ZR7762XR weights in about 9lb 5oz. Fortunately, it is not too much heavier than a standard M70.


Youtube: NEW Modular Zastava M70 AK Rifle and Polymer Magazines #GunFest2021

Youtube: Zastava ZPAP M70 ZR7762XR 7.62×39 Tactical – Overview

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