Cz 712 G3 12/26 3 Inch 4rd Black Walnut


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Cz 712 G3 12/26 3 Inch 4rd Black Walnut
Cz 712 G3 12/26 3 Inch 4rd Black Walnut
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The CZ 712 G3 is at home in the field or on a clay target course. The gun”s gas-operated system reduces recoil and cycles 2 3/4 and 3-inch shotshells. Two pistons are included with the shotgun for light and heavy loads. Either piston accepts a wide range of shot shells within its designation. With the light piston installed'” soft recoiling shot shells for target shooting can be cycled easily. While with the heavy piston installed'” the CZ 712 G3 can take on even the hottest loads waterfowl hunters use. The chrome-lined barrels of the 712 G3 hold up under extended firing and ensure consistent patterns with five provided extra-long Active-Choke tubes. The CZ 712 G3”s receiver and barrel have a stylish'” sturdy matte black finish that reduces glare'” and is paired with a beautiful walnut stock.

CZ 712 G3, Semi-automatic Shotgun, 12 Gauge, 3″ Chamber, 26″ Barrel, Matte Finish, Black Chrome, Bead Front Sight, Walnut Stock, Manual Safety, Includes 5 Choke Tubes – F, IM, M, IC, C), 4 Rounds 06165

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