Real Avid Master Cleaning Station Handgun


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Upgrade your cleaning experience with the world’s first handgun Master Cleaning Station. Designed for comprehensive cleaning of .22 / 9mm / .357 / .38 / .40 / .45 caliber handguns. It combines a Next-Gen cleaning mat with an intelligently designed cleaning kit filled with an extensive set of handgun specific cleaning tools. It keeps easy-to-lose gun parts organized while you work. It provides a huge work area for a completely disassembled gun, yet rolls up for compact storage in the included bag.

Real Avid Master Cleaning Station, Handgun Cleaning Kit, For .22, .357, .38, .40, .45, 9mm, Deluxe Gun Mat With Set Of Cleaning Tools AVMCS-P

  • Next-Gen Cleaning Mat
  • Cleaning Tools
  • Compact Storage
  • Keeps Easy-to-Lose Gun Parts Organized

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