Smith & Wesson 17 22LR 6″ BL 6RD WD FC


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Smith & Wesson 17 22LR 6″ BL 6RD WD FC
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The Smith & Wesson Model 17 is a classic revolver that pays tribute to the iconic firearms of the past. It features a 6″ barrel and a blued finish, giving it a timeless and elegant look. The revolver is designed with a medium frame and operates on a double-action mechanism. One of the highlights of the Model 17 is its chambered caliber, which is .22LR. This makes it suitable for target shooting and plinking, as the .22LR is known for its low recoil and affordability. The revolver holds 6 rounds of ammunition in its cylinder. In terms of construction, the Model 17 has a carbon frame that provides durability and strength, ensuring reliable performance over time. The blue finish adds a touch of sophistication to the overall appearance of the revolver. The grips of the Model 17 are made of wood, contributing to its classic aesthetic and providing a comfortable and secure hold during shooting. The revolver also features adjustable sights, allowing for precise aiming and accuracy. Overall, the Smith & Wesson Model 17 is a modern classic revolver that combines the timeless design of its predecessors with modern enhancements. It offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of history while enjoying the performance and functionality of a top-notch handgun.

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