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Since expanding my business to include more trades and consignments, I’ve had the pleasure of encountering many intriguing firearms. One standout is the Stevens Springfield 87A, a .22 caliber rifle that caught my attention with its unique features and fascinating history. Today, I’m excited to share what makes this rifle a noteworthy addition to any collection.

A Brief Overview of the Stevens Springfield 87A

The Stevens Springfield 87A is a versatile .22 caliber rifle capable of firing .22 short, long, and long rifle cartridges. It boasts a 24-inch barrel and, with long rifle cartridges, holds about 15 rounds. This high capacity increases when using .22 shorts or longs, making it a practical choice for various shooting activities. While many semi-automatic .22 rifles have similar capacities, the 87A stands out for several reasons.

Unique Features of the Action Mechanism

One of the most captivating aspects of the Stevens Springfield 87A is its action mechanism. The rifle’s bolt can be locked back, and by manipulating a knob on the action, the bolt can be released or locked in place. This dual-function mechanism allows for flexible operation, enhancing the rifle’s usability and safety. Although this is best demonstrated visually in my video, it’s worth noting how such a feature adds to the rifle’s unique appeal.

Innovative Gas Regulation with Gills

A particularly innovative feature of the 87A is the presence of gills on the side of the rifle. These gills play a crucial role in regulating the gas pressure within the blowback system. In a blowback system, the pressure from firing a cartridge pushes the bolt back to eject the casing and load a new round, enabling semi-automatic fire.

However, too much gas pressure can cause the system to malfunction by pushing the bolt back too quickly. The gills help to vent excess gas, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. This thoughtful engineering solution was likely an innovative approach by Stevens to address a common issue in semi-automatic .22 rifles. It’s a feature that highlights the forward-thinking design of the 87A.

Clever Use of the Springfield Name

Another interesting aspect of this rifle is its name. Although manufactured by Stevens, it is branded as the Springfield Model 87A. This naming strategy appears to be a clever marketing move. Springfield Armory is renowned for producing high-quality firearms, and by associating the 87A with the Springfield name, Stevens likely aimed to enhance the rifle’s perceived quality.

This marketing technique reflects a shrewd understanding of consumer perceptions. By leveraging the Springfield name, Stevens could attract buyers looking for reliability and quality. It’s a subtle yet effective way to boost the rifle’s appeal in the marketplace.

The Stevens Springfield 87A is more than just a .22 caliber rifle; it’s a testament to innovative firearm design and clever marketing. From its unique action mechanism and gas-regulating gills to its strategic naming, the 87A offers plenty of interesting features for collectors and enthusiasts.

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