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Firearms Legal Protection

Firearms Legal Protection: Safeguard Your Rights with Right To Bear Legal Defense

Owning a firearm comes with significant responsibilities, including understanding the laws that govern its use. In today’s ever-changing legal landscape, gun owners need to be well-informed about their rights and prepared to protect themselves legally in case of any unfortunate events. That’s where firearms legal protection services, such as CCW insurance and self-defense insurance, come […]

AGM TS19-256 Rattler Mounted to an AR

Product Review: AGM Rattler TS19-256

I recently had the opportunity to purchase the AGM Rattler TS19-256 Thermal Scope through ECP Outdoors, and it left quite an impression on me. The Rattler TS19-256 offers a range of features and functionality that make it a versatile thermal imaging scope suitable for various applications. Here’s my in-depth review of this thermal scope:   […]

Front facing view of the Kelty FC 3.0 Carrier in Blue and Tan

A Top-Notch Child Carrier: Kelty FC 3.0 Review

As a parent who loves outdoor adventures, finding a reliable child carrier is crucial. After extensive research and testing, I came across the Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations in every way. Specs Attribute Value Best Use Hiking Bag Style Baby Carrier Frame Type Child Carrier Gear Capacity […]

Streamlight TLR-1S Black

Streamlight TLR-1S Review – A Bright Companion for Low-Light Shooting

I recently had the opportunity to test the Streamlight TLR-1S weapon mounted light on my Glock 19, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations in low-light shooting situations. Here’s my review of this remarkable accessory. Is the TLR-1S Durable? First and foremost, the sturdy construction of the Streamlight TLR-1S instilled confidence in its durability. […]

Nebo Mycro 400 Headlamp – Product Review

I recently had the opportunity to test the Nebo Mycro 400 Headlamp while getting some running in at night. Designed to be lightweight and versatile, this headlamp offers a range of features that make it a reliable companion for outdoor activities. Here are several characteristics that impressed me about the Mycro. One of the standout […]

FN High Power Pistol Review: A Modern Take on a Classic Firearm

  In the realm of handguns, few designs have withstood the test of time as admirably as the Browning High Power. Recognizing its enduring appeal, FN Herstal has reintroduced this legendary pistol as the FN HighPower, with several updates and improvements. In this review, we will delve into the features that distinguish the new FN […]

Leather holster and a kydex holster on a table for view

A Quick Summary on Holster Types & Their Uses

This article is brought to you by Right to Bear Legal Defense. For more information about Right to Bear, please make sure to check out the end of this article where we will have more information. ECP Outdoors is in affiliate of Right To Bear and may receive compensation if you choose to sign up […]

Radian Weapons Model 1 Rifle in Radian Brown Cerakote Chambered in 223 Wylde

Radian Model 1 – 223 Wylde: First Impressions Review & Specs

Radian claims that the idea behind the model 1 was to build a rifle using only the highest quality parts and attention to detail. The design philosophy behind the Radian Model 1 is simple: use the highest quality raw materials, most precise CNC machining equipment, and best components available to create a weapon that seamlessly […]

Chiappa 1892 Wildlands Lever Action 44 Magnum Review

The Chiappa Wildlands 1892 lever action rifle in .44 Magnum with a 16.5″ barrel is a high-quality firearm that is both stylish and functional. This rifle is an excellent choice for hunters and shooters who prefer a classic-looking firearm that is also reliable, accurate, and easy to handle.