If you are, then you should definitely consider the CA9MM direct blow back system by Christen Arms. New from their line that they refer to as the Modern Sporting Rifle line, the CA9MM offers several unique options making this rifle one of the lightest and most rugged rifles on the market.

m always looking for interesting and useful products to keep stocked in the store. Recently, I came across a product called Rapid Rope that I immediately felt drawn to stocking in the store and online

I released episode 2 of The Dry Fire today and it featured the Lone Wolf Arms LTD19. I quickly go over the key features of the weapon along with giving you every perspective of it. This pistol is definitely worth checking out.

I recently started a new series on the ECP Outdoors Youtube channel called “The Dry Fire”. The purpose is to show and give all the key features of a firearm in under two minutes. For the first episode I made a video about the Ruger American Rimfire Long Range Target chambered in .22LR. Let me know what you think about the video!

The Beretta A400XP is a gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun. At some point we have either seen or heard how “picky” semi-auto shotguns are. However, having a gas-operated system greatly reduces this risk. Why? Simply put, it’s because the gas-operated system relies on the gas dispersed by the shot instead of the actual recoil from the load like an inertia driven system would do. This allows even the lightest of loads to still cycle properly.