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Beretta 92x Performance Review & Commonly Asked Questions

There’s a very good chance you recently came across a Beretta 92x Performance at your local gun shop and it now has you thinking about buying one. I can’t say I blame you! The 92x performance is aesthetically attractive, has an amazing ergonomic feel and to top it off: a smooth and crisp trigger. Below is everything you need to know about the 92x Performance.

Beretta 92x Performance Review

The 92X Performance blends parts of other 92 variants to build the ultimate race-ready firearm. The dual tone look of the gun is achieved, according to the Beretta website, by using a Nistan finish to treat the frame and slide surfaces, with the contrast provided by the black burnished barrel, black grips and small parts. It starts with the Vertec steel frame and the Brigadier slide, which take the weight of this hefty beast to 48.4 ounces including magazine. The weight increases pistol stability and reduces muzzle flip. Also found on the frame are the oversized magazine release button as well as nicely machined checkered front and rear that grab the hand when firing. The trigger guard is relieved and the beavertail is extended, allowing for a very high grip. The fiber-optic front sight is a proven performer in daylight conditions. The black rear sight is adjustable for both windage and elevation. The sights on this handgun are fine right out of the box.

Shooting Sports USA

There are tons of reviews out there showcasing the Beretta 92x Performance and most of them gave the pistol great reviews. The best overall review I’ve found was from Shooting Sports USA. Reviewer and author, Aron Bright, noted that the 92x Performance has everything a competitive and defensive shooter is looking for.

To summarize the features, the 92X Performance has everything the competitive shooter and the defensive shooter needs right out of the box. It is a fine-looking pistol and it has great ergonomics. The trigger is good to go as well. This is not just a new model of Beretta, it is an enhanced and improved Beretta pistol designed to take the podium in competitive pistol matches.

Shooting Sports USA

What magazines fit the Beretta 92x performance?

The Beretta 92x Performance is going to include 2 15rd magazines that come with rubber basepads. The Beretta 92fs 15rd magazines will also work for the 92x Performance as well. Lost of people also recommend using the Mecgar 18rd and 20rd magazines for the 92 as well.

Where is the 92x performance made?

The Beretta 92x Performance is made in Italy.

Is the 92x performance optic ready?

The standard Beretta 92x Performance is not optic ready. However, the 92x performance defensive model is optic ready (model #’s: J92XRD21 & J92XRD20).

Is the Beretta 92x performance worth it?

Going back to what I mentioned earlier about 92x Performance reviews, it’s really tough to find anything negative about this pistol. We absolutely love reviews done by Youtuber Sootch00. His review on the Beretta 92x Performance shows that this pistol is absolutely worth the price for both the competitive shooter and the defensive shooter. Check out his video here:

Beretta 92X Performance Gun Review Wow! – Sootch00

Is the beretta 92x performance legal in California?

At the time of writing this article, the Beretta 92x Performance is currently not on the California Approved Handgun Roster. So unfortunately the 92x Performance is not available for sale in California.